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The iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones is a weekly news/talk show featuring all the latest in news, business, health, and entertainment, with a female focus. Each week, Trigg-Jones combines her 25-years of experience covering the news with her strong and personable interview skills to keep viewers informed, enlightened and entertained.

Season 5: Episode 6
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Demanding Pay Equity
Season 5: Episode 10

This episode of the iWoman Report features all the details on the very first criminal trial of a former president, Donald Trump's hush money trial is in session. Then, we are diving in to the world of women's basketball and the major disparities between men's and women's salaries, despite the ladies breaking viewership records this year. Finally, a disturbing case involving a 33-year old man and a murdered 19-year-old out of Wisconsin brings some gruesome details. Cathleen is later joined by two phenomenal guests; Natasha Alford is a journalist and now author with her debut book "American Negra: A Memoir," and Chelle Carter-Wilson, the Director of Communications for the non-profit organization Girls Write Now.

Fighting for Survivors
Season 5: Episode 9

We are talking about Queen Bey and her latest album "Cowboy Carter!" March Madness is down to the Final Four and we are highlighting the ladies! Then, we have a very special guest for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Lizzie Asher, co-founder of the Cura Collective, will be joining us to talk about her non-profit and the work they are doing to bring more protection to survivors of sexual assault.

Everyone Can Thrive
Season 5: Episode 8

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks TikTok bans and women's health initiatives. Then, NYWIFT's Katie Chambers returns to the iWoman Report to talk about the 44th Annual Muse Awards and their phenomenal honorees.

Women Lead the Charge
Season 5: Episode 7

Women's History Month is in full swing and we have some exciting wins for women worldwide to share including: the first over-the-counter birth control pill to hit the market, a new sports bar just for the ladies, and learning what Equal Pay Day really means. Plus, Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks with two powerhouse women, Gwen Carr and Kate Kelley, who are leading to charge fighting for our rights.

Embrace the Journey
Season 5: Episode 6

We will be talking with LaToya Shambo, the founder of the Black Girl Digital Agency and Awards created specifically to address the underpayment of Black and Brown creators. Plus, after a several year hiatus, finally some answers about the life of talk show host Wendy Williams. Later, iWoman is in Saudi Arabia! We're taking you to the richest horse race in the world.

All Hail the Queen(s)
Season 5: Episode 5

In this episode, Cathleen is joined by two queens! First, the viral TikTok sensation Deanna Dixon, also known as "The Rideshare Queen," comes on to talk about her journey and how life is different than just a year ago. Then, Deputy Queens Borough President Ebony Young stops by the studio to tell Cathleen about her upcoming Black Tech Hub project. Plus, stay caught up on all of the latest news, from Alabama's continued takedown of reproductive freedoms, to the arrest of once YouTube famous "momfluencer" Ruby Franke.

Celebrate Every Victory
Season 5: Episode 4

This week’s episode of the iWoman Report is filled with stories of Black female trailblazers to celebrate Black History Month. We also sit down with Adrianne Smith, the SVP, Senior Partner and Chief Diversity Officer at FleishmanHillard and is a leader in the DEI space. We recap this year’s vibrant Mardi Gras celebration with iWoman Correspondent, Jasmine Adams who travelled all the way back home to New Orleans to enjoy the festivities.

The Fearless Determination of Women
Season 5: Episode 3

Get the latest news updates on this episode of the iWoman Report. Host Cathleen Trigg-Jones has a big announcement about iWomanTV and Trigg House. Then, she takes a look at the most popular news stories from the week including Ohio's trans rights ban and E. Jean Carroll's second big win in court against former President Donald Trump. Finally, see Cathleen's interview with the 3rd place winners of our audience choice award from the 2023 NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival.

The Power of Intention
Season 5: Episode 2

We are breaking down this year’s Oscars snubs, an inspiring first in the Miss America pageant and a record breaking women’s basketball coach! Later, we take a moment to visualize our goals and aspirations for 2024 and reflect on the desires within our hearts. Plus, we talk with writer & director Gurinder Singh about her short film “Rising Lotus” which was awarded first place in our Audience Choice Award contest during the NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival. You won’t want to miss all this and more on this week’s empowering episode!

New Year, New Challenges
Season 5: Episode 1

Happy New Year with an all new iWoman Report! Awards season, wins for women, and more exciting news on this latest episode, you don’t want to miss it!