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"Stop asking for a seat at the table —WE BUILT OUR OWN!"

Still in it's BETA form, iWoman TV is a digital streaming, over the top (OTT), network and movement created by Emmy Award-winning journalist, producer, actress, philanthropist and women's right's activist, Cathleen Trigg! As someone who has spent equal time in front of the camera as she has behind the scenes in her over 25-year career in television and film, Cathleen couldn't understand why there are so many uber talented female writers, directors and producers that are creating such amazing content, yet, much of it will never see the light of day, outside of their own social channels, because the entertainment industry is still very much controlled by a "good 'ole boy" mentality! Decisions on what content gets distribution is more about who you know, and less about how talented you are as a creator and how great your content is. The problem is that when men are the only ones telling the stories about women,

So, she set out on a mission to change the way women and girls are portrayed in films, television and in the media by creating a platform where women are not only seen on camera, but the female voice reigns supreme behind the scenes as well. What Trigg has created is a female-centric distribution channel for female content creators around the world to tell stories by women, about women, for everyone!

Join the iWoman TV Movement and show the world how powerful women are when we stick together, support one another, and tell our own stories!
Woman are the most powerful voice in the universe! We give birth to life! So, why are we still treated like second class citizens in most cultures around the world? The power is in our hands!
iWomanTV will go live globally on March 8, 2021 in celebration of International Day of the Woman.
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