Season 5: Episode 10

  • Black History Month, Channels, She's Informed, Trending Now
  • Demanding Pay Equity
  • 2024

This episode of the iWoman Report features all the details on the very first criminal trial of a former president, Donald Trump's hush money trial is in session. Then, we are diving in to the world of women's basketball and the major disparities between men's and women's salaries, despite the ladies breaking viewership records this year. Finally, a disturbing case involving a 33-year old man and a murdered 19-year-old out of Wisconsin brings some gruesome details. Cathleen is later joined by two phenomenal guests; Natasha Alford is a journalist and now author with her debut book "American Negra: A Memoir," and Chelle Carter-Wilson, the Director of Communications for the non-profit organization Girls Write Now.