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The iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones is a weekly news/talk show featuring all the latest in news, business, health, and entertainment, with a female focus. Each week, Trigg-Jones combines her 25-years of experience covering the news with her strong and personable interview skills to keep viewers informed, enlightened and entertained.

Season 4: Episode 16
Celebrating the year of the woman
Season 4: Episode 16

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable achievements of trailblazing women around the globe. From music icons to sports champions, directors, and more, we highlight the phenomenal women that have left an indelible mark on the world.

Special Report: Black Female Fund Under Attack
Special Report

The fearless Fund, which aims to provide funding for Black female founders, is facing a lawsuit that alleges the fund’s grant contest is “a racially discriminatory program that blatantly violates” part of the Civil Rights Act. Black women-owned businesses are vital to our economy yet receive less than one percent of venture capital funding. iWomanTV is providing continuous coverage on a lawsuit that was filed to dismantle a Black female led venture capital fund created to provide financial resources to predominately Black and brown female entrepreneurs.

Lessons in Resilience
Season 4: Episode 15

Lezlee Peterzell-Bellanich talks with Cathleen Trigg-Jones about the importance of organ donors after going through a life changing experience while her husband awaited a new liver. Then, tennis legend and trailblazer Katrina Adams joins the iWoman Report to discuss how she advocates for equity and equality across sports in her role as Vice President of the International Tennis Federation and Chairwoman of the Advantage All Committee.

Live Your Best Today
Season 4: Episode 14

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks with Shunta Grant, founder of Best Today, a company that provides effective products and tools to help (primarily) women overcome overwhelm, burnout and overall busyness in their every day. Then, she is joined by the coach and co-captain of the collegiate step championships, Lindsey Hyppolite and Tamyra Gibbons from Delaware State University!

Becoming a Hollywood Legend
Season 4: Episode 13

Cathleen Trigg-Jones examines the gun violence crisis we are going through in the U.S., with multiple shootings caused by seemingly mundane tasks. Then, author of the Anti-Racist Business Book and DEI coach Trudi Lebrón joins the show to discuss how she makes businesses and workplaces a more diverse and equitable environment for all. Finally, a Hollywood icon and the creator of the NAACP Image Award Show Toni Vaz speaks about her life as a stuntwoman and actress after recently celebrating her 100th birthday.

An FDNY Female First
Season 4: Episode 12

Cathleen Trigg-Jones takes us through the abortion pill rulings in Texas and Washington State. Then, FDNY Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh joins the iWoman Report to talk about her career as the very first female fire commissioner in FDNY history. Finally, author and certified coach Monique Caradine-Kitchens drops by to drop some knowledge on how to embrace your inner millionaire!

Fighting Against the Maternal Health Crisis
Season 4: Episode 11

We are diving deep into the Maternal Health Crisis ahead of the start of Black Maternal Health Week. Did you know birthing people are twice as likely to die from complications of pregnancy at birth than a generation ago? Black and indigenous women are 2-3 times more likely than white women to die from giving birth. To break down this important topic is Monique Matthews the co-writer and director of the documentary film “Birthing Justice.” Later, Dr. Cameka Smith, the founder of the BOSS Network, joins us for our business spotlight. Plus, we cover this week’s top stories from former President Donald Trump’s indictment to the social media controversy of the women’s NCAA March Madness Championship game and much more!

Women Leading in Media
Season 4: Episode 10

Cathleen brings you up to date on the latest news including the Los Angeles School District workers strike and Florida's strict bill about health education. Then, New York Women in Film and Television's Senior Director of Community and Public Relations joins the iWoman Report to talk about their upcoming Muse Awards. Finally, Author and Poet Kim Singleton stops by to tell Cathleen about her upcoming book-length poem, "I Love My People."

Powerful Women Make Powerful TV
Season 4: Episode 9

Two incredible Executive Producers talk with Cathleen about their latest shows that examine the Black experience, both in reality and on screen. First, EP of the FX show "Kindred," Courtney Lee-Mitchell, details how she got this show made after having the rights to the book it's based on for nearly 2 decades. Then similarly, Tracey Moore, the executive producer and co-host of Crackle's "Inside the Black Box," reunites with longtime friend Cathleen to discuss how her show celebrates BIPOC actors and artists' perspectives if Hollywood.

Women in Auto
Season 4: Episode 8

Let's go on a luxurious ride into the world of automobiles. That is right, we are talking with the Re-founder of Delage Automobiles Laurent Tapie who is bringing the hypercar to the next level with their brand new model the D12.

Women's History Month
Season 4: Episode 7

Cathleen is starting Women's History Month with two incredible women as guests. First, Financial Expert and co-Host of "Going From Broke," Tonya Rapley is here to discuss the new season and to give us some financial advice ahead of the student loan repayments re-starting in June. Then, Actress Wakeema Hollis is here in studio to give us the inside look at her latest film, "Aurora: A Love Story."

Water Yourself
Season 4: Episode 6

Don't forget to water yourself! This episode of the iWoman Report dives deep into self-care and why paying attention to your own needs is just as important as ensuring everyone around you has what they need. Guest Shannon Malkin Daniels, the author of "Water Yourself" talks with Cathleen about the tips and tricks she's learned from writing her book and gives a sneak preview of the upcoming Water Yourself Conference where Cathleen will be a keynote speaker!

Using Your Voice for Change
Season 4: Episode 5

Join Cathleen for a major Superbowl recap, including the lesser known dangers that come with such a large sporting event. Executive Producer behind "Surviving R. Kelly" comes on the show to talk about her career and what's next for her. Dr. Jacqueline King, founder of the Black Women Empowered Network, joins us to reveal how her small Facebook group of 200 women turned into a viral sensation.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Season 4: Episode 4

Happy Valentine's Day! This iWoman Report episode is all about love! We've got some fun Valentine's trivia for you, plus Olympian Tara Lipinski is here to tell Cathleen about her show "Wedding Talk."

Make Your Mark
Season 4: Episode 3

We're kicking off Black History Month with two great interviews with some inspiring Black women! First, CEO and Fashion Designer Kheris Rogers stops by to talk with Cathleen about her children's book "Shine Bright" and tell us about the Teen Summit she's hosting for the second year in a row. Then, we introduce our new iWoman Medical Expert, Dr. Candace White! She talks healthcare and what it was like being pregnant and having a baby at the height of the pandemic. Plus, all the highlights from the Grammys!

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.
Season 4: Episode 2

This week we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and are now looking ahead to Black History Month in February. Plus, Cathleen is joined by Attorney Deidra Moore to talk about her recently published book, From Me To You. She explores the who, what, when, where, how, and why of slavery from an intergenerational perspective.

Finding Balance in the New Year
Season 4: Episode 1

Happy New Year! On this iWoman Report Cathleen is catching you up on all the important news stories you missed while on holiday break. Plus, WNBA player Monique Billings stops by to talk about her book "Finding Balance" and how she navigates a professional basketball career amidst all her other professional and personal endeavors.