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The iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones is a weekly news/talk show featuring all the latest in news, business, health, and entertainment, with a female focus. Each week, Trigg-Jones combines her 25-years of experience covering the news with her strong and personable interview skills to keep viewers informed, enlightened and entertained.

Season 1: Episode 1
iWomanTV Film Fund Grant
Tyler Merritt Interview
Season 1: Episode 19

In this episode we discuss with Tyler Merritt from @TTMProject: "Everyday it's something new" Footage makes a difference and now we are beginning to see it, but now what? Black Lives Matter Finding Hope Coming Together

Breonna Taylor A Life That Mattered
Season 1: Episode 18

iWomanTV releases a special report on Breonna Taylor: “Breonna Taylor: A Life That Mattered” contains the first interview with Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker and interviews with Taylor family, “Until Freedom” founder Tamika D. Mallory and Civil Rights attorney Benjamin Crump, Common, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Rapsody, Yandy Smith, and MC Lyte. In an effort to protest the death of Breonna Taylor and the lack of action against the officers who killed the 27-year old EMT on March 13th, thousands of protesters recently gathered in Louisville, Kentucky. Cathleen Trigg-Jones and the iWoman Report were there. During the march, Trigg-Jones conducted the first interview with Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker and interviews Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer, sister Juniyah Palmer, and aunt Bianca Austin. Trigg-Jones also interviews “Until Freedom” founder Tamika Mallory, the activist who organized the 2017 Women’s March; Emmy, Grammy and Oscar-award winning rapper Common, Civil Rights attorney Benjamin Crump, award-winning actress Jada Pinkett Smith, rapper MC Lyte, manager and television personality Yandy Smith, and rapper Rapsody.

Juneteenth Is America Facing a Revolution
Season 1: Episode 17

In this episode, we discuss Juneteenth, Black Lives Matter, and much more.

Why Black Lives Matter
Season 1: Episode 16

Cathleen Trigg-Jones hosts this special report on why Black lives matter, and race relations in America. This special episode features activist and “Until Freedom” Founder Tamika D. Mallory, NYC Mayoral Candidate and Brooklyn Borough President and founder of “100 Blacks In Law Enforcement” Eric Adams, Darnella Frazier, the 17-year-old who videotaped the George Floyd’s murder, and Depelsha Thomas McGruder , the founder of “Moms of Black Boys.”

George Floyd Death Sparks Protests
Season 1: Episode 15

In this iWoman Special Report, host Cathleen Trigg-Jones, dives into the race war that is being waged against African-American boys and men, following a 3rd straight day of violent protesting in multiple cities across the country.

Giving Tuesday
Season 1: Episode 14

In episode 14 we discuss that several states are re-opening despite warnings that relaxed restrictions will have a dire impact. Our latest poll results are in...and so are mine about whether I’ve had corona!

Season 1: Episode 13

Pastor Timothy Paul Baymon and musician, Shamrok create a song in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus that goes viral! While walking out of his church cafe in downtown Springfield, Pastor Timothy Paul heard a young musician, Shamrok, playing a tune on a piano and surprised him, joining in with an improvised song the pastor says was inspired by the pandemic. "You know that it's time for this thing to end" sang Pastor Paul. The pop up performance was captured on video, and the rest is history. The viral video has now garnered millions of views on social media, and been shared thousands of times

5 Signs of Depression
Season 1: Episode 12

The iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones: Featuring an in-depth interview with swimsuit model Genevieve Morton discussing her personal struggles with depression & addiction, and the success of her new youtube series "Stuck in a Rut." Clinical Psychologist Dr. Linda McGhee breaks down the warning signs of depression in women. Lifestyle correspondent Liz Samuel stresses the importance of staying organized to stay sane. Mental Health Awareness Month: 5 signs you may be depressed.

Thank You Mom
Season 1: Episode 11

An iWoman Mother’s Day celebration & tribute to Wonder Woman and Michelle Obama. Today iWomanTV celebrates the true Wonder Women of the world. The upcoming “Wonder Woman 1984” summer release makes director Patty Jenkins the highest paid female director.

Armed protesters demand an end to Michigan s COVID-19 lockdown orders
Season 1: Episode 10

Today we discuss President Trump threatens revenge against China, Armed protests erupt in some states over re-opening, the results of our latest poll shows, try getting in touch with your inner self with some tips on meditating.

PPP Round Two, Coronavirus Death Toll, States Re-Opening
Season 1: Episode 9

Due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of restaurants and business owners are having to close. Joining the iWoman Report today is Joyist Nation owner Kacy Erdelyi to talk about the impact on her restaurant and what her plans are for reopening safely.

Trump Touts Disinfectants, SBA PPP explained, Earth Day 50th Anniversary
Season 1: Episode 8

COVID-19 is still rearing it's ugly head and the government has decided to provide another stimulus check. Wealth Manager Aquiles Larrea talks with Cathleen about the checks and how you can get yours. Plus, everyone is blasting Trump over his suggestion to use bleach injections to cure COVID.

Trump Attacks the WHO & Kellyanne Can’t Count to COVID-19
Season 1: Episode 7

A Trump advisor is blasted for corona response; emergency worker’s emotional plea for protection, and federal stimulus money gone with the blink of an eye. Watch this week’s iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones.

Opening Up After Lockdown
Season 1: Episode 6

In this week’s episode of the iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones, we discuss Trump reopening the country, Diddy hosts a star-studded Instagram Dance-a-Thon featuring Jennifer Lopez, Drake, and many more! Plus, we have financial expert Ashley Fox talking about saving and investing

Virtual Learning in a Pandemic
Season 1: Episode 5

With COVID in full swing and the case and death toll rising, Cathleen clues us in on what that means for kids starting virtual schooling. Then our friend Liz Samuel stops by to talk about all the different subscription boxes available for every type of person. Finally, Eva Ostrum is here to discuss education and how the pandemic is going to change our kids' lives and how they learn, plus tips on how parents can navigate becoming their child's teacher.

Trump on Why Coronavirus is Killing More Black People
Season 1: Episode 4

In episode 4 of the iWoman report, Idris Elba delivers a harsh message to blacks about coronavirus. Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell describes horror battling coronavirus and warns others to take it seriously.

New York and New Orleans Running neck and neck with the highest rate of Covid-19 Deaths
Season 1: Episode 3

In this week’s episode, President Trump like you’ve never seen or heard him before. He warns there will be a lot of deaths in the coming weeks. New York and New Orleans are running neck and neck with the highest rate of Coronavirus deaths as the Surgeon General compares what we are about to experience to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and gives a warning if you are expecting to be expecting during this shelter in place order. You may want to find a different pastime for now. We’ll explain.

Take Lesson from Madam Money
Season 1: Episode 2

Financial Advisor Tara "Madam Money" Jackson joins the iWoman Report to give us all the details on the government stimulus package amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Expert Explains How Herd Immunity Can Flatten The Coronavirus Curve
Season 1: Episode 1

Stimulus checks, virtual school, and a global shutdown are all outcomes of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but what can we do to help flatten the curve and keep our fellow citizens safe? Health expert Dr. Michael Jones joins Cathleen to give his tips on navigating this unprecedented time. Then, Ruth Harrington stops by to talk about the stresses of being home with your kids 24/7 in addition to becoming their teachers.