Black History Month Collection

For nearly 50 years, Black History Month has been celebrated in the United States to commemorate the numerous achievements and contributions of Black men and women in America. This February, iWomanTV would like to recognize the accomplishments, hardships and sacrifices made by the Black community by debuting an exclusive collection of content from our library & production of brand new content to celebrate this momentous month!

Episode 1
iWomanTV Film Fund Grant
Street Politicians Exclusive Interview with Jeffery Robinson
Episode 24

Tamika and Mysonne talk with Jeffery Robinson about his film "Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America" and the state of racism in our country today. They discuss how our history should be taught in schools and why learning about the truth is important to the education of our youth.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Tyler Merritt
Episode 23

Cathleen interviews Tyler Merritt of the Tyler Merritt Project to discuss what it is like to be a Black man in America and the racism that is still prevalent in everyday life. His viral video "Before You Call the Cops" resurfaced after the murder of George Floyd and he talks about the role of camera phones in relation to police violence.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Dr. Pamela Newkirk
Episode 22

Dr. Pamela Newkirk is an author, journalist, and professor who has published multiple books detailing African American life. She and Cathleen discuss the injustices that black people face everyday "just by being."

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Esi Eggleston Bracy
Episode 21

Beauty executive Esi Eggleston Bracy visits Cathleen to talk about the CROWN Act (Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair), a piece of legislation designed to tackle school and workplace discrimination against Black men and women who wear their natural hair, braids, locs, twists, and more.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Tarra Jackson
Episode 20

Tarra Jackson, otherwise known as "Madam Money," sits down with Cathleen to tell you everything you need to know about the stimulus package given to Americans in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. She is the author of two best-selling financial books, with the goal for her audience to have a more enjoyable relationship with their finances.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Brian Stokes
Episode 19

Tony award-winning actor Brian Stokes talks to Cathleen about his experience with COVID and the difficulties that come with social distancing from the people you live with. He also discusses the shutdown of Broadway and how it has affected himself and crew members working on shows.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Dr. Michael Jones
Episode 18

Cathleen's husband Dr. Michael Jones stops by to talk all things Coronavirus: COVID vs. the Flu, high-risk factors, social distancing, and more. Dr. Jones is a renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the creator of Keloid Care.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Jocelyn Rivera
Episode 17

Jocelyn Rivera is the founder of Press Play Agency, a place for artists to connect in order to create, market, and position their music. She talks to Cathleen about starting her business at just 22 years old and the hard work it takes to create a successful career for yourself.

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Pastor Timothy Baymon
Episode 16

Cathleen speaks with Pastor Timothy Baymon about his "Living Covid-19" song he made with musician Shamrok in response to the pandemic. They created a video of Pastor Timothy singing it while walking out of church and it went viral!

iWoman Report Exclusive Interview: Lyndsay Christian
Episode 15

Lyndsay Christian is a breast cancer survivor who created the platform "SurTHRIVER" to empower, educate, and inspire women about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. A surthriver is a woman who has beaten breast cancer and is now thriving!

There's Your Ready Girl
Episode 14

Civil Rights leader Dorothy Cotton got things done. Throughout her long life she organized, she spoke out, she challenged the status quo. Her largely unknown story inspires us today to embrace the power and responsibilities of citizenship -- to be fully engaged in a community and a nation that embodies equity and justice. THERE'S YOUR READY GIRL explores the powerful resonance between Dorothy’s work and the work that continues today, often led by Black women.

Episode 13

Searching for the love of his life King J.R. host a ball to find his queen. With all the disappointments of finding his true love he finally spots the woman that stole his heart, Nomi. That is, until she reveals the unthinkable that will cause him to sacrifice it all just to win her love.

Get Christie Love
Episode 12

Teresa Graves plays an undercover operative to penetrate the thriving drug dealing culture in LA.

Sepia Cinderella
Episode 11

Featuring Billy Daniels & Sheila Guyse. A struggling band leader's rise to fame after overcoming many obstacles.

TNT Jackson
Episode 10

Starring Jeannie Bell who plays a young karate expert in search of her brother's killer in Hong Kong.

Dirty Gertie From Harlem
Episode 9

Featuring Francine Everett & Don Wilson. An enticing dancer from Harlem makes things happen in a sleepy Caribbean island resort.

The Duke is Tops
Episode 8

Lena Horne plays a night club singer who gets a chance at Broadway.

Lady Cocoa
Episode 7

Lady Cocoa, played by ​​Lola Falana, is released from prison for 24 hours to testify against her mobster ex-boyfriend, but must evade the hired thugs out to stop her from testifying

Velvet Smooth
Episode 6

The female head of a detective agency, played by Johnnie Hill, is hired by a crime lord to figure out who's taking his action

The Beulah Show: Bill the Babysitter
Episode 5

Bill babysits for the seven-year-old daughter of one of Mr. Henderson's business associates

The Beulah Show: Second Wedding
Episode 4

Concerned that the Hendersons are falling out of love, Beulah seeks professional matrimonial advice

The Beulah Show: New Arrival
Episode 3

Beulah thinks the family is having a new baby, but is wrong

The Beulah Show: Beulah Goes Gardening
Episode 2

Pet rose bush doctored and changes

The Beulah Show: The Waltz
Episode 1

Beulah and Bill teach Donnie how to dance