Betty White: Date with the Angels

Newlyweds unintentionally get their friends and neighbours involved in hilarious situations. From vacation mishaps to celebration disasters, these couples accidentally get their loved ones caught up in comical disasters. First episode date: May 10, 1957 Final episode date: January 29, 1958

Season 1: Episode 1
iWomanTV Film Fund Grant
Season 1: Episode 21

Vicki's teenage nephew sets the house on its rear.

Tree in the Parkway
Season 1: Episode 20

Vicki starts petition to save oak tree in front of their home.

Season 1: Episode 19

The Angels go on a train trip with their neighbors.

Season 1: Episode 18

Gus surprises Vicki with a trip to San Francisco for birthday.

Star Struck
Season 1: Episode 17

No one believes that Dennis Day has visited Vicki.

Shall We Dance?
Season 1: Episode 16

Vicki and Gus help plan show for local boys club.

Santa's Helper
Season 1: Episode 15

Vicki works in department store where Santa gives away gifts.

Return of the Wheel
Season 1: Episode 14

Vicki's teenage nephew visits to forget a girl.

Pike's Pique
Season 1: Episode 13

Vicki and Gus win prizes at the carnival.

High Fever
Season 1: Episode 12

Vicki takes a sick Gus to the obstetrician.

Season 1: Episode 11

A stuffed gorilla in living room leads Gus to prank himself.

Francis Goes to School
Season 1: Episode 10

The Angels have dog problems with their neighbors.

Season 1: Episode 9

Vickie and Gus in a dispute when the boss arrives.

Everybody's Baby
Season 1: Episode 8

There is a complication when the neighbor has a baby early.

Double Trouble
Season 1: Episode 7

The Angels run into lounge singer who looks like Vicki.

Season 1: Episode 6

Gus brings home old girlfriend and Vickie feels left out.

Day at the Track
Season 1: Episode 5

The Angels take a trip to the racing track.

Chip Off the Old Block
Season 1: Episode 4

The neighbors son comes home on leave from Navy.

Catered Party
Season 1: Episode 3

The Angels invite rich couples to a luau to sell them insurance.

Season 1: Episode 2

Vickie can't convince Gus a burglar visited them in the night.

Blue Tie
Season 1: Episode 1

Vickie takes job in department store against Gus' orders.