iWoman Report Interviews

Watch host Cathleen Trigg-Jones as she interviews various personalities on their area of expertise

Season 4: Episode 11
iWomanTV Film Fund Grant
Lezlee Peterzell-Bellanich
Season 4: Episode 15

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks to author Lezlee Peterzell-Bellanich about her book“Saved by a Stranger”, where she tells the story of her husband’s journey plus other patients’ survival after their liver transplant at Mayo Clinic.

Shunta Grant
Season 4 Episode 14

Cathleen Trigg-Jones speaks with founder of Best Today, Shunta Grant. They discuss teaching and empowering consumers and corporations to move with intention.

Lindsey J. Hyppolite and Tamyra Gibbons of iSTEP Step Team
Season 4: Episode 14

Cathleen Trigg-Jones Jones speaks with Founder of iStep Step Team Lindsey J. Hyppolite and co captain Tamyra Gibbons. They discuss their win at the upstaged competiton and their plans with their prize.

Toni Vaz
Season 4: Episode 13

First Black stuntwoman in Hollywood and founder of the NAACP Image Awards

Trudi Lebrón
Season 4: Episode 13

Cathleen Trigg-Jones speaks with coach and author of The Antiracist Business Book, Trudi Lebrón to talk about Equity-Centered Coaching and how her book impacts the business world.

NY Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh
Season 4: Episode 12

The Fire Department of New York's very first female Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh joins the iWoman Report to talk with Cathleen about her new role and takes us through the ups and downs of what it means to work in a field where life and death are on the line.

Monique Caradine-Kitchens
Season 4: Episode 12

Cathleen Trigg-Jones speaks with Author, coach and Sisternomics Podcast Host Monique Caradine-Kitchens to discuss abundance, freedom, philanthropy and the steps to gain generational wealth for Black women.

Monique Mathews
Season 4: Episode 11

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks with director of Birthing Justice, Monique Matthews. They talk about hoe the documentary sheds light The film reveals the communities impacted by the crisis in Black maternal health.

Dr. Cameka Smith
Season 4: Episode 11

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks with founder of the Boss Network Dr. Cameka Smith to discuss her works to empower professional and entrepreneurial women.

Kim Singleton
Season 4: Episode 10

Kim Singleton comes on the iWoman Report to tell Cathleen about her upcoming book "I Love My People" and her podcast and television show "Consider it Blacklit."

Katie Chambers
Season 4: Episode 10

Cathleen Trigg-Jones Jones speaks with Katie Chambers, the Community Engagement Director at New York Women in Film & Television. Katie manages NYWIFT's public presence, plans programs, networking events, and more. She joins Cathleen to talk about NYWIFT's 43rd Annual Muse Awards, where the organization honors outstanding women of vision and achievement.

Tracey Moore
Season 4: Episode 9

Co-host of the Crackle show "Inside the Black Box" and close friend of Cathleen comes to the iWoman Report to talk about the show's second season, what it's like working with co-host Joe Morton, and why it's important to never give up on your dream!

Courtney Lee-Mitchell
Season 4: Episode 9

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks with Executive Producer of FX/Hulu series Kindred, Courtney Lee-MItchell to discuss the journey of the series being picked up and how its impacts society.

Veronica Dunford
Season 4: Episode 8

Veronica Dunford, Owner of Women in Automotive and Senior VP of Partnerships at DealerBuilt talks with Cathleen about the role of women in the automotive industry, how it has changed since she started 25 years ago, and what her organization does to empower and uplift other women.

Laurent Tapie
Season 4: Episode 8

Re-Founder and CEO of Delage Automobiles joins the iWoman Report to discuss all things luxury with their new D12 hypercar inspired by the vehicles Formula 1 racers dive.

Captain Zeita Merchant
Season 4: Episode 8

A special Shero spotlight on Captain Zeita Merchant, Commander, Sector New York Captain of the Port United States Coast Guard.

Tonya Rapley
Season 4: Episode 7

Financial Expert and Co-host of the Crackle series "Going From Broke" Tonya Rapley joins the iWoman Report to discuss her show's new season and give us some useful money tips.

Wakeema Hollis
Season 4: Episode 7

Wakeema Hollis join Cathleen Trigg-Jones for the latest iWoman Report to talk about her latest movie Aurora: A Love Story!

Shannon Malkin Daniels
Season 4: Episode 6

Author of "Water Yourself" Shannon Malkin Daniels joins the iWoman Report to talk about the updated re-release of her book after going through the pandemic. They also discuss the upcoming Water Yourself Conference based on the book where both will be keynote speakers.

Tara Lipinski
Season 4: Episode 4

Tara Lipinski is an Olympic Gold Medalist and figure skating champion. She comes on the iWoman Report to talk about her show Wedding Talk for an iWoman Report Valentine's Day Special!

Dr. Candace White
Season 4: Episode 3

Cathleen talks to Board Certified Physician Dr. Candace White about her new book Born Into A Pandemic and her journey with finding balance between work and medicine.

Kheris Rogers
Season 4: Episode 3

Kheris Rogers, sixteen-year-old CEO of the clothing brand Flexin' in My Complexion talks with Cathleen about her book "Shine Bright" and her Teen Summit in LA put on by her foundation.

Deidra Moore-Janvier, Esq.
Season 4: Episode 2

Deidra Moore is an African American mother, wife, and advocate for change. In 1996 she quit her job to attend law school and has been making a name for herself ever since. Her newest book, From Me to You, explores the legacy of slavery in America from the viewpoint of enslaved Americans and their descendants. She is making a difference for her multi-generational audience and continues to inspire and motivate those she meets along the way

Monique Billings
Season 4: Episode 1

Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks to WNBA player Monique Billings about her first book, Finding Balance - A Playbook for Wellness, where she shares her insights and perspective on balancing a busy, high-performing, high-achieving life while keeping herself as the star player.