Who is Sheila S?

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  • 2023

Not knowing where you came from can leave a big dark hole in the hearts of those put up for closed adoption. But what if, one day, that closed door opens? Are you ready for what’s on the other side? Emmy Award-winning Journalist, Cathleen Trigg-Jones directs and produces a powerful documentary that cracks open the urgent debate over whether or not a child put up for adoption has the right know where they came from. Based on Cathleen’s own heart wrenching journey to meet the birth family she’s never known, the film explores the complex question: Is denying an adoptee access to their original birth certificate a gross violation of their civil and human rights, or is it a necessary legality to protect the lives and identities of parents who choose adoption? Cathleen’s journey to meet her family and find her birth father follows the ruling by the State of Ohio, where she was born, which for years prevented adoptees, including herself, from being able to get information about their birth. The ban has since been lifted, allowing thousands of adoptees to obtain their original birth certificates, providing closure for many about where they came from. But for Cathleen, finally being able to apply for her birth certificate only scratches the surface of the many questions she has about her existence. Putting her journalism cap aside and turning the cameras on her own emotional self, Cathleen will take us on a three-state journey, retracing the steps that led to her beating incredible odds to become a successful television news personality, producer, actress and entrepreneur, married to a world-famous cosmetic surgeon.

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