The Beulah Show: Beulah Goes Gardening

  • Black Trailblazers in Film
  • 2022
  • 25 Mins
  • English
  • Comedy

In an effort to save money, Harry fires his gardener and divides his tasks amongst the rest of his household - he'll mow the grass, his wife will water the lawn and his son will weed the garden. Of course, the Hendersons all have previous engagements and Beulah winds up having to do all their outdoor chores. The health of Harry's prize rosebush is her biggest concern - it's doing poorly so she and Bill dig up the plant and take it to the local garden shop for analysis and the plant is accidentally sold to another customer. Now Buelah must find a suitable replacement before Harry notices his favorite rosebush is missing

  • Actor :Hattie McDaniel, Ernest Whitman, David Bruce
  • Writer :Nathaniel Curtis
  • Director :Richard L. Bare
  • Producer :Roland Reed Productions