New York Photographer: Jill Freedman in the City

  • Short Films + Docs
  • 2021
  • English
  • Documentary

Jill Freedman (1939-2019) was a New York photographer in league with the best of the best—a Magnum-level artist, who recently died broke, alone, nearly unacknowledged, and yet—until the very end—full of her distinctive, unforgettable vim, vigor, and vinegar. In this, Freedman’s last film and testament, director and documentarian Rita Mullaney—a retired New York City Police Officer—befriends the under-appreciated photographer to offer a culminating glimpse of her lifetime of charged ideas and images. Befitting Freedman’s best work and salty temperament, Mullaney catches up with Freedman at fire houses, police stations, and over glasses of Irish whiskey. Writer & Director: Rita Mullaney PG13 Documentary