Queens of Hip Hop

  • Black Women Empowered, iWomanTV Originals, Podcasts
  • Season 1: Episode 7
  • 2021

With Hip Hop culture being dominated by men — women in Hip Hop deal with unrealistic expectations from fans as well as other artists. In recent weeks, Halle Berry went viral for crowning Cardi B as the Queen of Hip Hop at the premiere of her new Netflix film Bruised. However, many hip hop fans criticized Barry’s statement. This week, TT Torrez is joined by guest hosts, Melissa G and Tai Marie to discuss the usage of the word “Queen” in Hip Hop and how fans react to it. Is there a Queen of Hip Hop? Or can there be more than one queen? Find out on this week’s episode of “I Still Love Her.”

  • Host :TT Torrez, Melissa G, Tai Marie