• Film Festival Drama
  • 2023
  • 17 Mins

Deceive tells the story of Amira, a Brazilian ballerina who comes to New York to pursue her dreams but gets caught up in a web of lies of a manipulative tycoon. For Amira, dance is a way to escape reality. Deceive shows a survivor’s story from her perspective. It is about emotional destruction but also about rebirth and Amira reclaiming her voice. The movie was shot by Emmy-winning DP Wolfgang Held who also shot the Oscar-winning "The neighbors window". It is starring Dandara Veiga, (2023 “25 to Watch" in Dance Magazine) , and Marty Lawson (Smash, The Blacklist)

  • Actor :Dandara Veiga, Marty Lawson
  • Writer :Severine Reisp
  • Director :Severine Reisp