Season 1 Promo

  • She's Informed
  • One Earth w/Vanessa Haley Benjamin-Coming Soon!
  • 2021
  • 3 Mins
  • English
  • Science

Taking us along on her own personal scientific explorations around the world, each week Haley-Benjamin will search for solutions to coexist with the environment and find balance, combining her personal and professional experiences that have shaped her views of the world and prepared her as a scientist. Together with expert environmental & tech pioneers as guests, One Earth will search the world we live in for environmental solutions. The environment sustains us, providing food, water, air and a place to shelter, sometimes to the detriment of our planet. Can we use it without abusing it? Through innovation, science, people, caring and responsibility, the balance can be achieved! One Earth’s guided principle is that humanity’s existence depends on our ability to use human intellect and collective intelligence to find environmental solutions.

  • Actor :Vanessa Haley Benjamin
  • Director :Cathleen Trigg-Jones
  • Producer :An iWoman TV Original


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